Christmas Preparations

Be prepared for Xmas and New Year when your supplier of pig feed will be closed for several days. You don’t want to be feeding left over mince pies and Christmas cake to your pigs because you have run out of feed.

Ensure you lay in more than sufficient feed to tide you over this festive season and into 2012.

Also in cold weather pigs do need more food to help keep them warm, especially if living outside in a single sheet metal ark, which turns into a fridge on frosty nights. If possible keep pigs together so they can cuddle up in one large piggy mass of warmth.

One tip is to put older growing pigs with weaners as the body warmth of the older pigs helps avoid stunting newly weaned piglets in the cold weather. A piggy hot water bottle!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

John and Carole

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