Competition for Saddleback Pigs?

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This weeks news is the impending arrival of a new breed of pigs to the Coal Yeat Herd of pedigree rare breed pigs.When I first started pigkeeping many moons ago the pigs I kept were Oxford Sandy and Black.In those days they were not recognised by the Rare Breed Survival Trust as a pure breed,and hence were not eligible to the RBST meat marketing scheme.

As I intended to run the finishing unit for the RBST the Oxford Sandy and Black pigs had to go to be replaced by British Saddleback pigs. However the British Pig Association and the RBST have now decided that the OSAB is a rare breed pig and is now recognised as such.

So shortly a breeding trio of two gilts and a young unrelated boar will be arriving to join the Coal Yeat Herd.Why have other breeds,and not concentrate entirely on Saddleback pigs?

Because I always like to have another breed of rare breed pig running along side the British Saddleback pigs to enable me to constantly evaluate the Saddleback pigs performance.To date under my system no breed of pig has yet to out perform the Saddleback pigs,we will have to see how the OSAB pigs perform,they did very well in the past.

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