Crossgates Bioenergetics – Free Aconite Remedy Spray

For several years now Crossgates Bioenergetics has sponsored us by providing show boards and a supply of emergency treatments to take with us to shows.

In 2015 Crossgates Bioenergetics has provided us with a free Aconite spray for everyone who attends one of our courses to take away with the comprehensive folder we also provide. Aconite has calming properties and is an essential ingredient in our success at the shows. The oral spray is equally good for humans and animals (calming the Grandchildren not to mention Grandad!!)

Such a spray would normally retail at £15 so it is a great addition to our comprehensive folder for anyone keeping pigs which contains useful information, tips, advice and articles.

Meanwhile back at Bridgefield Farm there have been two litters of Saddlebacks in January. Carole has a litter of British Lops. John has reduced his herds to concentrate on Saddlebacks and Hampshires, with all the Hampshire breeding stock being sold in December. After winning Champion and Reserve Champion at the Great Yorkshire with two July Hampshire gilts he decided to sell whilst he was at the top. He got a good average of £500 per pig at Chelford Market making the trip south very worthwhile.

The hardy adult Saddlebacks are spending a muddy winter outside with the Rajah boar, who was Champion Animal of all Varieties and Breeds at the Scottish Smallholders Show 2014, looking after his ever changing harem of sows. Meanwhile Carole has some Lop growers ready to go if anyone is looking for pigs to finish. The British Lop is one of our rarest breeds despite being versatile,friendly and calm with their large lop ears. They make good pork pigs or can be taken to larger weights for bacon tending not to put down as much fat as some other traditional breeds.

To view the entire range of products and services at Crossgates Bioenergetics visit their web site or telephone them on 01756749444.

To keep up to date with John’s Saddleback pigs visit

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our courses in 2015.

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