Great Yorkshire Show — PIG CHAMPION—-John’s Hampshire Gilt

As the Commonwealth Games get underway John has already been showing what first class, gold winners his British Hampshire pigs are.

What a week at the Great Yorkshire Show. Winning the Supreme Pig Championship with Hampshire Coal Yeat Judy, an October 2013 born gilt.

The awards just kept coming!

Overall Supreme Champion Pig—- Coal Yeat Judy

Reserve Overall Supreme Champion Pig—– Coal Yeat Golden Eagle

Champion Modern Female pig—- Coal Yeat Judy

Champion Modern Male pig —– Coal Yeat Golden Eagle

and finally Housewives choice on the last day—- Coal Yeat Judy

Hampshire gilts are not the easiest pigs to show especially in hot weather when their oiled black skin becomes a” solar panel” and the pigs rapidly overheat. This is partly due to their very thin layer of back fat, which allows the heat to rapidly transfer to their blood.

Harry, my 13 year old grandson who showed the gilt has been very patient with Judy’s moods and groans in the ring, slowly encouraging her to walk on, without being too forceful. He could easily have spoiled her at Cheshire County show if he had not shown such sensitivity.

Here at Lowick I have 6 of her sisters all pedigree registered Hampshire gilts, all equally as good as Coal Yeat Judy, several of whom are for sale. Some are already served by my new Hampshire stock boar Hideaway Route.

After returning home late on the Thursday night it was off taking out a 60 mile bike tour before the rigours of Gt Eccleston show over the weekend. This would not have been achievable without the help of two vet students from Liverpool University, Sarah and Lois, who washed the pigs on Friday. Thanks girls!

Yet more success at Gt Eccleston with both the overall Champion pigs. Coal Yeat Judy again taking the honours but this time Hideaway Route was reserve champion.

Thanks to Tracy and Ian Bretherton for their hospitality at Gt Eccleston where pig exhibitors are always made to feel most welcome and appreciated. Unlike other local county shows.

The next show for the team is Anglesey County show in mid August. I will not be showing at Westmorland County show after being vilified by the stewards at the 2013 show and failing to receive an apology or even an acknowledgement of my communications from the shows Chief Executive for such brazen behaviour by their pig stewards.



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