Looking ahead to the 2012 Show Season

The early shows are still a couple of months off but already we have had a good look at our July and September pigs from last year and are keeping a close eye on those that might be a potential winner.

The January litters are of course, still small but we can already weed out those with poor underlines or the mis marked ones.

The Newark and Nottingham show schedule arrived yesterday and I have had a couple a reminders about dates for later shows.

People show pigs for all sorts of reasons. Some just like winning or enjoy the preparation, some enjoy the socialising and of course, it is a great shop window. Not only for your herd but traditional breeds in general.

It can be a bit daunting going to your first show especially showing an animal in an open space without a halter of any kind. However, some basic training at home will go a long way and don’t worry if it all goes pear shaped on the day. It happens to us all and it is great entertainment for the crowd.

There is a great atmosphere amongst the pig people and you will find them very helpful. In fact, we all need a hand at shows at different times: more than one pig in a class and someone will always help you or you might find your self giving someone else a hand. Pig people also like to share making breakfast, getting together for dinner and just generally enjoying a drink in the bar, so you will soon make friends.

If you want to get showing and make the most of an opportunity to pick the brains of a pig judge and successful exhibitor then take a look at our showing course in March. Whether you are a beginner, novice or more experienced you will have an enjoyable and very informative weekend.

We will look at all aspects of showing, different breeds of pig and how to assess them as well as ring craft, equipment and much more.

We learnt a lot from last year’s course and one of our ladies went on to her first show and took home several rosettes.

So, hopefully we will see you in March.

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