Lots of Pedigree Saddleback Pigs at Westmorland County Show on Thursday 9th September

One hundred pigs are entered for this annual county show at Crooklands only 1 mile from junction 36 on the M6. This is a record entry surpassing the previous record entry by 20 pigs. I will be exhibiting British Saddleback, Oxford Sandy and Black, Hampshire and a British Lop pig, taking 22 pigs in all. Yes I’m making a major effort for what is my local pig show being only 18 miles from my base in Lowick. I’m only able to make such a massive commitment by taking on two undergraduate vets who will wash and prepare the pigs in the days before Westmorland County Show and help show the pigs on the day. Also Emily and Tina two vets who have just graduated but as yet have not found suitable employment will be willing experienced helpers on the day, having showed pigs with the Coal Yeat Herd before. I must not forget the young handlers Harry(10), Dyls(10) and Imogen(7) who have been diligently training their British Saddleback pigs and will be showing them in both the breed classes and the young handlers class. (Imogen will be very busy as she is also showing her Dartmoor pony, Mouse). Harry will also be showing his champion Oxford Sandy and Black pig (Duchess) which recently won the breed championship at Anglsey County Show. This entry of 100 pigs now makes the Westmorland County Show the largest one day pig show in the country. Pig exhibitors will be traveling from all over the north of England and Scotland. Many of the pigs being shown will have won breed championships at county shows in the UK. Competition will be very keen and the judge Mr C H Prentice, will have his work cut out, in which I believe is, his final run out as a judge before he retires. If you are intending to come to Westmorland County Show, which is a full day out with so much to see and do, please try to get on the show field before 9am. Traffic congestion has been a major problem in previous years. Advanced tickets are available by post or over the phone by credit card (01539567804) and offer a 50% saving for children and approx a 15% saving for adults. Online bookings are also available at www.westmorlandshow.co.uk so book your tickets in advance and spend the saving on a beer at the show! The show field opens at 8am and if you come to the pig tent early before the judging starts you will have chance to chat to all the exhibitors and see us all in a frenzy washing and preparing our pedigree pigs, the Saddlebacks shining with their coating of pig oil. I look forward to welcoming you to Westmorland County Show, it’s a great day out!


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