New ADDITIONAL Pigkeeping Course Date SUNDAY 21st November 2010

As the pigkeeping course on November 20th Saturday is now totally booked up we are running a new additional course on Sunday 21st.
Everything is the same except the day of the week!

I have a couple of new Saddleback litters on the ground and more due in the next few days. Also the Oxford Sandy and Black piglets are still on the sows and will be nearly ready for weaning. The Saddleback sows are all still out in the field, as the chilly North wind has deposited the first snow of the winter on the Old Man of Coniston.
But it’s been so wet, so much rain so please bring your welly boots and warm clothes as at least half the time on the Pigkeeping course is spent with the pigs outside.

The facilities in Lowick Community Hall where we meet are excellent with the availability of a cooker if any one wishes to bring warming soup for lunch. Hot coffee or tea flows freely all day.

Both Carole and I look forward to welcoming you all to the last of our 2010 Pigkeeping course program.


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