One Day Pig Keeping Course

The aim of our pig keeping course is quite simple – To give people the confidence in handling pigs and to educate them in successful ways of keeping pigs.

It is suitable for complete novices looking to finish a couple of pigs for the freezer or those wishing to expand their knowledge. Experienced pig keepers John Sutcliffe and Carole Barr have pooled their 35 years of pig keeping experience to offer comprehensive pig keeping courses. John is one of the country’s leading Saddleback pig breeders who currently runs a small herd of Hampshire pigs. Carole keeps British Lops and Large Blacks, two of the rarest of traditional breed pigs. This is an ideal opportunity to learn from two pig keeping enthusiasts who have successfully bred pedigree pigs for the showfield and the butcher.

The main topics that will comprehensively be covered are
1. Safety and Bio Security
2. Types and ages of pigs
3. Selecting pigs for your needs
4. Handling and transporting
5. Feeding and feed regimes
6. Health and sickness in pigs
7. Rules and Regulations
8. Indoor and outdoor pig keeping
9. A market for your pigs
10. Questions and answers

We will look at pigs in both indoor and outdoor systems and compare their housing and management routines. There will be pigs of all ages from dry sows running with a boar, sows and litters and every age in between. You will be able to see finishing pigs and finished pigs so you will have a clear idea of what to aim for.

Throughout the day we will cover selection and there are various breeds to look at and evaluate. We will cover feeding and general management and health.

We will talk about dealing with your pigs as they reach finished weight and options for butchering and processing.

There is, of course, the legal bits so we will cover rules and regulations affecting pig keeping.

The cost of the course is £95. Drinks are provided throughout the day.

You will be given a comprehensive information pack to take away with you.

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