Pigs for Sale

Both Carole and John always have pigs for sale.

Carole specialises in the British Lop and also has Large Black, two of the rarest breeds of traditional pigs. John is a specialist British Saddleback breeder, having one of the largest, pedigree, breeding herds in the country. He also keeps an expanding herd of Oxford Sandy and Black pigs and Hampshire pigs together with a sole British Lop.

We offer a unique opportunity to the purchaser to be able to see a variety of breeds at various ages whilst they consider which breed they want to keep.

Our weaners are birth notified with either the British Pig Association or the British Lop Society. Pigs suitable for breeding are then registered with the relevant society. Breeding pigs will be transferred into your name.

Many pigs will have been shown successfully or bred from pigs that have been shown successfully.

Don’t forget ‘we have to eat them to keep them’ so only the best are kept for pedigree breeding as individually registered pigs.

We usually have the following pigs available to purchase

Pedigree Gilts free of the boar
Pedigree Gilts run with the boar
Pedigree boars
Sows run with the boar
In pig sows
Sows with litters
Weaner pigs for meat or pedigree
Growing pigs for meat or pedigree
Pigs ready to slaughter for pork
Potential Show Stock

By buying pigs from John or Carole you are helping to support the survival of traditional British pigs.

Bloodlines Available

British Lop Female Harmony Male Charles
Large Black Female Gold Vase and Black Lady
Saddleback Female Babble, Lottie, Rosette, Grand Duchess, Dina
Male Dictator, Golden arrow, Grand Duke, Rajah, Walter
Oxford Sandy and Black Female Duchess, Elsie, Mary Male Clarence, Alistair
Hampshire Female Judy Male Golden Eagle

John in particular can offer unrelated breeding group of female and male lines.

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