Pig Breeding Courses

Pig Breeding and Management Course

Saturday June the 16th 2012

This one day course is aimed at those pig keepers who would like to keep a breeding pig or small herd of breeding pigs. Or those people who have reared a couple of pigs for the freezer and want to take the next step.

Both Carole and John have been breeding pedigree, rare breed, traditional and modern pigs for over the last couple of decades. We therefore have lots of specialist knowledge to pass on to aspiring pig breeders.

The course will cover
• Why breed and what will you do with the pigs you breed
• Pedigree breeding
• Selecting a breed
• Selection and purchase of female stock
• Keeping a boar versus AI
• The breeding cycle
• Optimising breeding potential
• Mating and conception
• Care of gilts and sows through pregnancy
• Preparation for farrowing
• Farrowing and post care of sow and litter
• Management of sow and litter until weaning
• Weaning and care of weaned pigs
• Management and re service of sow

Throughout the day general management such as worming, feeding and accommodation will be thoroughly discussed.

There will be a variety of breeds available in different stages of the breeding cycle to enable participants to gain a total understanding of this most rewarding aspect of pig keeping.

Much of the day will be spent at the farm so please bring overalls and boots that can be disinfected.

Complimentary information packs will be provided.

The cost of the course is £95.00

Please send booking form and payment made payable to Carole Barr (pig keeping) to:
Carole Barr, Crook Barn, Torver, Nr. Coniston, Cumbria LA21 8BP.

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