Keeping your pigs cool at shows

It can get very hot in the tents at a show and it can be very hot in the ring. If your pig gets overheated don’t be tempted to throw cold water straight onto it. This can cause shock and in extreme cases death.

Use wet towels to cover the pig and sponge water on to it.

Vinegar behind the ears will also help reduce the pig’s temperature.

Remember to give your pigs plenty of water to drink at a show but don’t leave water with them. They will tip it up and turn your pen into a muddy wallow and you will be facing an uphill battle to keep them clean.

You can add electrolytes to the water to replace lost salts and encourage your pigs to drink.

Not only can the pigs get hot at shows but the exhibitors can too, so remember to have plenty of cold water at hand for you. Leave the beers for after the showing has finished!

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