Pigkeeping courses featured in the Wezzy Gezzy!

Carole has been on her toes getting some free PR with an article about our pigkeeping courses in the Lake District. The article reads very well and has already had the immediate benefit of two immediate bookings for the September course.

Because we decided to offer these pigkeeping course from early summer 2010 onwards we have missed a lot of bookings because people are already committed. However all the promotional details including the comprehensive colour brochure do include our complete 2011 pigkeeping course programme, which will run thought the year.

Next year we are thinking of running a special one day pigkeeping course in selection, preparation, training, for showing pigs. Different types of pigs are shown wet or dry, oily or with wood flower, do you know which? If you are at all interested in this unique opportunity please email Carole (this pigkeeping course will take place in the spring 2011).

I have just completed my entries for Westmorland Show,where I will be showing 22 pigs of 4 different breeds (British Saddleback, Oxford Sandy and Black, Hampshire and British Lop). Traditional and modern breeds, do you know which is which?

I can only be so crazy as to contemplate showing so many pedigree pigs as Carole only has a couple in show condition so will be able to assist, and two trainee undergraduate vets will be on the farm for 10 days before the show. They will be involved in daily washing and preparing the pedigree pigs, as well as showing them on the 9th of September- real hands on experience! Also the 3 children will be showing their January born Saddlebacks in the breed classes as well as the young handlers classes.(under 10 years old)

Its Angelsey Show next for Harry, my grandson, and myself next week on 10/11 of August where we will be showing British Saddlebacks and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs.
Carole is exporting some British Lop pigs to Northern Ireland. Although part of the UK pigs have to be blood tested for various diseases before crossing the waters. Oddly N. Ireland has more stringent entry regulations than anywhere else in the world I know of.

There are still a few vacancies on all the pigkeeping courses so please book soon.


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