Pigkeeping Courses Preach Correct Pig Practices

What fools are they? Already we are experiencing problems with lost passwords, failed internet access, no mobile phone signals and the lack of a paper alternative.

Yes, we all have to live in a modern age but moving pigs at weekends can now in some cases prove to be a problem. We have as pig keepers, even if we keep only one pet micro pig, got to have either days of foresight or a decent computer and printer with internet access.

If by now you are totally lost you need to attend one of our pig keeping courses where Carole will succinctly explain every nuance of this new electronic pig licensing system, the eAML2.

But if its weaners or breeding pigs you want both Carole and I are fully conversant with the eAML2 and can provide you with all the documentation for legal pig moves to your holding.

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