Pigkeeping courses will help with sows and litters

July is the month of births among the Coal Yeat and Ashghyll herds of pigs.Carole and I have lots of little pigs running with their mothers. Why July?

Because among us folk who have a preponderance to showing Rare Breed Pigs at county shows around the country, there is a class for boars and gilts born after the first of July the previous year. Therefore to have a potential show pig born early in July is essential to compete against other breeders.

This year I have 9 Saddleback sows with litters at foot the most recent farrowing 13 live sucking piglets on the twentieth of July.

My big Hampshire sow is bagged up ready to farrow but seems to be holding onto her unborn piglets. She will let go when she is ready and is in a farrowing pen by herself but still in view of other pigs.

All these topics are covered in our comprehensive pigkeeping courses up here in the Lake District, from birth to finishing from weaning to mating, with hands on experiences.
Carole and I do not have all our pedigree rare breed pigs farrowing at the same time.I need to spread out my farrowing with a view to future supplies to the 3 butchers I supply on a weekly basis. Therefore there should be on going farrowing with lots of piglets to see and handle on the pig keeping courses.

Did you see the programme ‘private life of pigs’ on BBC at 8pm on the 22 nd of July?What a great incite into the life of pigs presented by Jimmy of Jimmy’s Farm and showed just how intelligent pigs are.At least Saddleback pigs that is , as I have always held the thought that British Saddlebacks are the most intelligent of pigs!
Come and see for yourselves on our one day pigkeeping courses,make a weekend of it ,or stay for a week ,or simply pop in for the day.Carole and I look forward to sharing our Knowledge and enthusiasm for these wonderful animals with you .


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