Pigkeeping Courses With The Experts?

It must be reassuring to know that the people who run pigkeeping courses know their stuff. Here in the South Lakeland district Carole and I have a proven track record on the show field, with the butchers and with putting the tastiest pork on the plate!

I have just returned from Stafford County Show with best in breed for the Coal Yeat [my herd name] Saddleback, Hampshire and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs. That’s three breed champions in different pedigree pig breeds at one show.

Meanwhile back on the farm 7 pigs were heading to Aireys slaughter house to supply the three local butchers who take pigs from me every week of the year. Continuity, consistency, and provenance of this locally produced rare breed pork is the key to success.

While the pork and bacon from these pedigree rare breed British pigs is considerably more expensive than bland commercially produced pork, customers are still prepared to pay for taste and quality.

Today more little porkers were born to a young saddleback sow, 10 new piglets with lots more in-pig sows lining up to give birth in the next few weeks. Everyone loves to see a contented sow with lots of piglets happily suckling away. During a pigkeeping course with us you will have every opportunity to see and evaluate for yourself every age of pig from newborn, weaners, growers, finished pigs, young and mature sows and my magnificent boars. Lots of different breeds of prizewinning pedigree rare breed pigs.

Our next outing to the shows is Cheshire County on 21/22 June where there will be about 100 pigs being shown. I’m taking lots to show in the breed classes and also the live fat class for pork, cutter, and bacon pigs. Interested? See you there as we will be offering a “book on the day” discount to anyone reserving a future pigkeeping course at Cheshire show.


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