Record Entries at the 2015 Cheshire Show for the Pig Classes

With all the breeds represented;Berkshire,British Lop, Middle White, Large Black, Gloucestershire Old Spot, British Saddleback, Middle White, Landrace, Oxford Sandy and Black, Tamworth, Large White, Hampshire, Duroc, Pietran and Welsh; it was a fantastic year for the Cheshire Show as it attracted a record number of pig entries. As well as the usual exhibitors there were also new exhibitors taking part.

In addition to the showing classes there were commercial classes and with the pens cleverly organised so that end of the tent was always open, there was plenty for the public to see and the excellent commentary form Lisa kept the public well informed about each breed as they came into the ring.

The exhibitors are up early in the morning to exercise their pigs, clean the pens and prepare their pigs for the classes. There is a lots of soap and scrubbing to make sure pigs are clean before the exhibitors get themselves ready to show off their stock. Cat, a trainee vet who has been on placement with John for the last couple of weeks, made a super job of turning out John’s pigs.

The Hampshire Boar and Saddleback July Gilt made it through the Pig of the Year final, which will be at the Great Yorkshire in July.

John’s Grandson Stanley won his first Young Handlers class at the great age of two and a bit. Only pipped to Champion Young Handler by his older cousin Imogen.

Well done to Brian and Margaret Mulkeen on winning Supreme Champion with their Saddleback Sow ably shown by Granddaughter Emily. Also well done to Janice for winning the scarecrow competition with the “Big Bad Wolf” loitering in the pen of “Three Little Pigs”.

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