Saddleback pigkeeper is off skiing

Yes I’m off back to Canada for 3 weeks skiing and snow boarding. As a level 2 ski instructor and a level one snow boarding instructor I need to keep in practice.

Carole will be taking all calls regarding pig keeping courses, and has a 24/7 answering service on 01539441088. She will also be taking all the bookings for the pig keeping courses for 2011.

What’s new on the farm? The Saddleback sows have been weaned and chucked out to a very wet and muddy field with the pedigree Saddleback boar. He will have a lot of work to do will eleven Saddleback sows to serve, but that’s his sole aim in life!

The Saddleback weaner’s are all cuddling up together with the July show gilts in copious amounts of barley straw. The Saddleback growers are outside at Coal Yeat Farm all 50 of them paddling in the mud, its been very wet for the last few weeks in Cumbria.

I’m still available by email but please do not try to phone me, Carole’s your girl!


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