Salad Days over for Rare Breed Pigs?

As we enter September, where has the summer gone? A wet, cold August has left the pig paddocks deep in mud and very hazardous for pig keepers feeding a dozen Saddleback sows.
Yes, accidents can and do happen. An enthusiastic sow caught me off balance and tipped me “hams” first into the cold, gooey mud! I had to sit on two plastic feed bags on the way home to try to keep the car seat clean!
How the pigs have enjoyed the salad days of summer. All the waste vegetables, straight from the kitchen garden, unused by us humans, go to the pigs. It does not seem how few plants I planted, there always seems too many when they are all ready to pick in the same week. Not only vegetables but also weeds and lawn clippings are always readily consumed by the pigs, especially the little piglets.
Recently we also had a bale of haylage for the horses that had a large hole in the wrap and had a strange smell. So questionable for the horses we took it to the saddleback pigs, who were so happy to see an alternative to straw. They ate, rolled and bedded on this sweet smelling stuff.
Meanwhile my two grandchildren are training a young Oxford Sandy and Black pig for the local shows pet class. They are trying to teach it to walk in a dog harness, as this weaner is only eight weeks old. This will be the first pig at Lowick Show in living history.
Both Carole and I are looking forward to the Westmorland County show on the 8th September. This is our last show of the season, where has the summer gone?


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