The pig keepers

John Sutcliffe’s Coal Yeat Herd of pedigree pigs is based at Bridgefield Farm, Lowick Bridge, in beautiful South Cumbria. John has been keeping traditional breed pigs commercially for over 25 years and runs a finishing unit for the Traditional Breeds Meat Marketing Ltd (formerly run by the Rare Breed Survival Trust). John supplies three local butchers. Only the best quality pedigree pigs are selected for future breeding. These select few are kept for establishing new herds or to supplement the existing herd. The Coal Yeat Herd of Saddleback pigs is a Saddleback survival centre with 10 different female lines and 6 different boar lines, providing the opportunity to buy unrelated boars and females to easily establish new herds. We currently have approx 250 pigs on the farm. The best pedigree Saddleback pigs are shown at county shows around the Midlands and North of England with great success. See the Coal Yeat Herd at

Carole Barr’s herd of British Lop and Hampshire pigs is located in Torver, near Coniston, at her Crook Barn Stables. Carole has been running her Lakeland trekking rides from this Crook Barn base for 20 years. Here her pigs happily wander through horses, ponies and numerous varieties of ducks and hens. Carole’s British Lops are the rarest breed of British Traditional Pigs and are regular prize winners at County Shows. The Hampshire pigs are classified as a modern breed and are often mistaken for Saddleback pigs but are easily distinguished from Saddlebacks by their prick ears. Carole is the the North Region Chairperson for Riding for the Disabled and a qualified Riding for the Disabled Instructor. See the Ashghyll Herd at

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