These micro pigs are currently being featured on The Lakes programme, broadcast on ITV at 7.30pm every Monday.

But these pigs are not mine but belong to Rob and Helen who rent the Fold, a recently converted barn on my Bridgefield Farm. Rob has been down sizing pigs by selectively breeding crosses of traditional British pigs, together with small Asian and Caribbean pigs for over 15 years. He now has a unique strain of the aptly named micro pig, which is available in a multitude of colours.

These pigs, which are kept well away from my Saddleback and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, can be viewed from the road while on a pigkeeping course (if you remind me!).

Micro pigs are mainly purchased as pets. Many live in gardens and some inside peoples houses. These pigs can be trained to be 100% clean, just like a dog. But unlike other domestic pets are subject to the same licensing and movement controls which all UK pigs are subject to.

Like all pigs to a certain extent, after genetics, feeding is the most important. Too much food of too high a protein content will grow a larger fatter pig. This is the same for a micro pig, larger Saddleback pig or one of Carole’s white British Lop pigs.

Pigs really are easy to keep and enjoy human company.

Just like dogs they love the touch of humans, some even roll over to have their tums tickled. Pigs can be trained and will respond to the verbal human command.
Here on our pig keeping courses we only touch on such possibilities, but we do stress however if you keep pigs you are dealing with an intelligent animal.

We are offering a comprehensive range of monthly pigkeeping courses throughout the year. Carole and I look forward to welcoming you to the farm, now of TV fame.


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