Value for Money Pig Keeping Course

This week on the radio I heard about a two hour course to teach ladies how to walk in high heeled shoes. The cost of this course was a mere £150! It made me think just what good value for money our pig keeping courses in the Lake District are. A fun day packed with really useful information on pig keeping that will last you a lifetime for £95 is a bargain in comparison.

Not only will you learn about how to keep our traditional breeds of pig such as British Lop and Saddleback but also how to produce tasty pork for the table. Pig keeping is a very rewarding past time as not only does it give you an opportunity to help breeds of pig on the Rare Breed Survival Trust’s watch list but also to know where the food on your plate has come from. Once you taste the pork from your own rare breed pig such as British Lop or British Saddleback you won’t want to go back to the mass produced pork wrapped in plastic on the supermarket shelves.

The hands on experience we offer coupled with a fabulous location here in the English Lake District will make this a day to remember and hopefully, give you the confidence to start keeping traditional pigs yourself.

By the way, high heels are not recommended!


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