Vermin Control

Anyone who keeps animals is likely at some time to spot that most unwelcome of visitor on the look out for a free meal – the rat!

Not only are they a disease risk to both your animals and yourself they can cause damage to your property too. If you see one you can assume there are more and they can quickly become a major infestation.

You are now limited to the amount of bait you buy unless you have completed “the course”. You can however buy any number of the smaller tubs at one time.

Watch to see where “rat runs” are and target the baiting along these and at entrances to nests. Only stop baiting when they no longer take the bait. Professional rat catchers say the reason most people fail to wipe out their rat population is underestimation of the problem and too little bait for too short a time.

Keep all feed in rat proof bins and remove uneaten food although creep feeding is a prime example of when you will be leaving feed out so a time to watch out for your not so furry friend.

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