What a difference in a day! Today the day after the County Show its pouring with rain and has put down nearly an inch of water,but at the show yesterday we were so fortunate with a perfect dry day. The crowds poured in and the pig marquee was extremely busy with a constant flow of people eager to see the pigs. The biggest attraction in the pig marquee was my British Saddleback sow and litter of 9 piglets which was drafted in on Wednesday morning as a demonstration / display attraction. This was encamped in an area within the marquee where the general public had access through out the day, as the rest of the marquee was closed to the public during showing. As all 100 pigs entered turned up the pig show started at 9am ,an hour early with the British Saddleback classes .With only one ring and one judge we continued to show the pigs none stop until 4.30,with the final X breed class.We had lots of success with 9 first prizes and 8 second prizes,a breed champion with Imogens Oxford Sandy and Black July gilt, the any other traditional breed reserve champion with the British Lop, which went on to win the carcass class.(No she was not killed after her her victory but judged on the hoof) The children Harry (9), Dyls(10), and Imogen(7) all showed the pedigree pigs in their respective classes as well as competing in the Young Handlers Class. Also the two trainee vets on their pigkeeping placement Nick and Rebecca did a great job when showing two totally untrained X breed pigs taken the previous day from the fattening pen. This must be proof that the planned showing weekend pigkeeping course in March 2011 will give everything you need to know about showing your pigs successfully! Special thanks must go to Tina And Emily two stalwarts of Westmorland County Show who have remembered all I have taught them while completing their Vets degrees and prepared the 22 pedigree pigs for the show ring. Without the back up team it would be impossible to be so ambitious, thank you all so much for making this show so very enjoyable. Congratulations to Jan Walton for taking the overall championship with her Duroc pig just pipping the Berkshire pig of Tracy Bretherton. No Championships for the British Saddleback’s this time but I’m sure this will only stimulate us Saddleback breeders to try harder next year!! But the Saddlebacks did win the pairs class with a pair from John Wreaks out of twelve entries (24 pigs), with the Mulkeens pair of Saddlebacks coming in third. The great thing about showing pigs is how the pigs change from the start of the season in May until it ends in September. Some improve others go backwards, its always a challenge, and a pleasure to meet again with such a friendly bunch of exhibitors.


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