Meet the Pigs

These pigkeeping courses help financially support the pedigree breeding of our traditional and rare breed British pigs.This contributes to maintaining a diverse genetic pool for future generations to come.

Over the years John and Carole between them have kept, at some time, all of the traditional breeds of pig. In addition they have kept many of the modern breeds also. When we refer to modern breeds we mean the recognised modern breeds of the British Pig Association. There are, of course, many “commercial pig” types that are kept in the commercial units, which are not a specific breed but genetically produced to grow quickly.

It is fair to say that you will find a breed that you like, that does well for you in your environment and produces what you want. In this respect we all have our personal favourites and a breed that may well work for one person may not fulfil the requirements of another.

Generally speaking the traditional breeds make better first time pigs, being more docile and hardy.

On our courses you have the opportunity to see different breeds and evaluate them. You can also benefit from John and Carole’s experiences with different breeds of pig over the years. Especially as John has run the Rare Breed Survival Trust finishing unit so has finished every breed of pig during this time.

Currently John keeps British Saddlebacks, Oxford Sandy and Blacks, Hampshires and British Lops.

Currently Carole keeps British Lops and Large Blacks.

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