All Change for Pig Movement Reporting

From this month (October 2011) the rules for reporting movements of pigs is changing. The paper AML2 form is being phased out. If you have Internet access you can set up the movements yourself. If you do not have computer access you can set up through BPEX/MLCSL, the British Pig Association and other third parties. You do this in advance of the movement and they will send you copies of the movement form, either by post or fax.

We are told this will save us time, as information will be stored on the system so you won’t have to keep filling the same information in each time you make a movement. Records will be more up to date so in the case of a disease outbreak information will be more accurate. We won’t have piles of filing (apart from the haulier copies).

From October 2011 you may still use paper copies but the white copy to report an incoming movement should be sent to MLCSL not your local authority. By April 2012 you will no longer be able to use the old AML2 paper version.

The address for MLCSL is Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2TL.

To register yourself on line go to and click on “Producer Registration”. If you have been using the BPEX online FCI service you can use the same username and password.

When sending pigs to slaughter the movement and food chain information will be combined.

All movement details will be stored electronically and securely for 3 years. Keepers without computer access will need to keep paper copies, which will be sent to them by the third party making the electronic movement on their behalf.

There is no charge for the new service.

So, I wondered what happens if you don’t have Internet access, you advertise your pigs for sale and prospective buyers come to look over the weekend? Also, how far in advance are you expected to report potential movements? Those people able to fill in the forms on your behalf work office hours Monday to Friday. I posed the question to the BPA and MLCSL. The BPA are sending out information to their members very soon and running articles in Practical Pigs and they didn’t really answer my question. The MLCSL lady told me that the earlier someone can set up the movement the better but eventually she appreciated my point. She told me that once you have set up your details with them if you are not able to give advance warning of the movement you use a paper form. I pointed out that on their information sheet it says after April 2012 you cannot use the old AML2 forms and she assured me you would be able to use paper versions after this time as long as you have registered.

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