The pig showing weekend on the 26/27 March is now in the fore front of Carole’s and my mind.

While mucking out the Saddleback pigs the other day I was thinking what a fine assortment of champion rare breed pigs we have available for the showing weekend course. At Bridgefield Farm, the heart of the pig keeping courses practical work we have over 200 rare breed pigs, British Saddleback’s, Oxford Sandy and Black, Hampshire, and a British Lop.

Among these are two Oxford Sandy and Black sows both breed champions in 2010. A Hampshire sow who was overall best pig in the show in 2009 at Great Eccleston Show. Carole’s British Lop gilt, Lop of The Year in 2010, which is now part of the Coal Yeat herd. All these pigs together with a few British Saddleback pigs which have been breed champions at county shows over the years. Experienced pigs to give course participants a fantastic opportunity to asses what to look for in the best of rare breed British pigs breeds. But what of the next generation coming on for the 2011 show season? The course will include selecting the best of the July 2010 and January 2011 pigs for showing from the Hampshire, Saddleback, and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs available from the tens of pigs available. We will probably visit Carole’s farm in Torver to select from her British Lop pigs. Wow, such a selection of pigs to learn from, while given the judges views from Steve Richardson. (and discover a few future champions I hope)

Once selected how do you manage the pigs for the shows? Special feeding, training, washing, loading, the show preparation of the pig and yourself? We are going to have a really busy informative weekend.

The course is already nearly fully booked with pig keepers traveling from all parts of the UK to participate in this unique opportunity.

While the emphasis of the weekend is showing of pigs this course will be equally suited to pig keepers wishing to discover the finer points of selecting and breeding rare breed British pigs. It will provide the soundest of foundations for everyone wishing to improve their pig breeding programme, as all the attributes required to be a breed champion pig are those needed for a great breeding pig.

Therefore this course is suitable to all pig keepers who wish to improve their pig keeping even if they do not intend to venture into the show ring.
We look forward to welcoming you all


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