Pig Keeping Courses help select Prize Winning Pigs at the Shows

With May behind us we have already been to two shows, Newark and Nottingham and the Shropshire.

A depleted number of exhibitors turned out for Newark and Notts but it was good to see several new herds being represented. The show felt fuel prices were to blame for the lack of exhibitors but actually I think it has more to do with the issues at last years show with classes and prize money. Exhibitors simply voted to go elsewhere. There was a feeling the show doesn’t want pigs, which is shame as the pig classes provide great entertainment for the public.

We have never been to the Shropshire Show before. There were around 50 pigs and thankfully the housing was extremely cool. In fact, given the temperatures were in the high 20’s, the pig building stayed cool all day. It was a shame there wasn’t better signage to the tent as the showground was very busy but people just didn’t seem to come down our end.

It was the first outing for the January pigs, which turned out to be the largest class of the day combining gilts and boars. My January Lop Boar is very keen to mount anything and he thought Christmas had come early. He was quite a handful and then just to make matters more complicated my July Gilt managed to escape and pop up in the January class! Anyway no harm done but the pens needed a bit more attention.

Steve and Janice’s Large Black sow was Supreme Champion with John’s Hampshire January Gilt reserve. When Steve and Janice were up for the showing course in March the Hampshire Gilt caught our eye when were assessing pigs for the show ring. She is one to watch at the shows to come.

Our next show is Cheshire County. Their pig entries are up on last year, probably due to the fact it is so well run thanks to Janice, Frank and helpers. Some other shows could learn a lot from Cheshire!

We are always happy to see people from our courses at the show or to meet people thinking of coming on a course. If you want to help at the show extra hands are always welcome.


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